Breathing Room

This is my first “down” Saturday in over a month, and it happened by accident.

I was supposed to be out with an outdoorsman mentor of mine – whom I haven’t seen in years – but I think we both forgot this was Easter weekend. Unsurprisingly, nobody seems game for climbing on Sunday either.

Waking up well after the sun was a sorely needed luxury. My back-to-back runs on Thursday seemed to take more out of me than I had expected. It’s so hard to keep slow when it’s so nice out.

So much has happened since the opening of trail season at Larrabee. Marin, SF and the bay. A Snoqualmie Valley Circus. Portland. A big cat print in the mud on one of many Factoria/Issaquah fun runs. Tristan passed. I haven’t had any time to digest all of this, much less write about it. And next week is Sprague and then back to SF. Then summer!

It’s difficult to remember that meditation is also training. Especially since entering a flow state is so easy: just bomb a technical downhill or accelerate through crowded city sidewalks. But preferring action to the stillness leaves you wildly unbalanced. Just look at the state of my apartment.

Still, wild fluctuations is what makes a balanced life enjoyable.


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